Become A Volounteer

It feels like there is nothing as good as volunteering. Volunteering at Sserinya is also interesting that while in the community, a volunteer gets to learn many new ideas, meets different people of different families, abilities and capacities. A volunteer has chance of touring around the village and country at large.

Volunteers who come to Sserinya are welcomed from all over the world. The team on ground is always there and prepares to receive the volunteers basing on his/her preferences. There is a volunteers house in the community, at Sserinya primary school where one can spend his/her stay in Uganda, but can as well stay in the nearby hotels in the Masaka town.

The work of volunteers in Sserinya

Community Education

Volunteers teach the community and the community teaches volunteers

Child care

With joyful youngstars, keep the smile on the child’s face

Premises upgrade

Upgrade can be in form of construction, painting, designing or installations

Youth Development

Engage the youth in developmental activities and lessons, learn from eachother

Community engagement

Engage in community work to learn from them as the members learn from you

Community activities

Engage in community activities like sports

Apply to volunteer at Sserinya Community Organisation Uganda

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