Classroom Extension

The increasing enrolment in the school, and number of classes has rendered available space not enough. Volunteers have worked with SCOU to raise yet another classroom block, which is not yet complete

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Sserinya Primary School

We are an inclusive primary school, teaching from nursery to primary seven, ages 4-15, with a dedicated team that ensures transforming a whole citizen who can sustain oneself after school.

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Environmental Conservation

Encouraged environmental conservation through tree preparation of tree nurseries and planting them. Some have been sold to the community members and others given free of charge to our learners to go and plant home, with a follow up.

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Agricultural Practices

GOAL : 420000 $

RAISED : 0 $

Together with agriculturalists, better farming practices are sought and also taught to the community members. The farmers are advised on better breeds and where to get them, with demonstration gardens at Sserinya Primary School.

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Water tank installation and rainwater harvesting

We have provided safe water for both the community and the school children. Two water tanks are already in place at the Sserinya Primary School.

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Solar Power Installation

A 1000Kw solar power was installed at Sserinya Primary School. This has improved work at the school where, there is lighting at night given the fact that the national grid is not yet in the locality.

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