Child Sponsorship

The well being of children in our community is at the heart of SCOU. Through our child sponsorship program, your donation will make it certain that the child does not miss out on essential events and services that are meaningful to life. These may include but not limited to access to quality education, health care, nutrition among others.

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The impact of your sponsorship to a child does not end at him/her, but extends to the family and the community where the child lives.

Children as young as 3 years need sponsorship. you can choose to sponsor a child in lower primary, primary, secondary and even tertiary level. The organisation mediates children with their sponsors.

Your sponsorship can be in form of:

  1. School / tuition fees

  2. Scholastic materials

  3. Personal child and family support

  4. Meals and clean water

  5. Clothing and wellbeing

As SCOU, we protect the needy children, following child protection policy. Please contact us to match you with the child in need.

From our sponsored children

nalubega ritah sponsored

My name is Nalubega Rittah. I come from Kabagabo village in Mazinga. I am a pupil in Sserinya Primary School. From this school i got a sponsor who pays my school fees and gives me things to use in school. I thank Sserinya Primary School for helping me see my dream.

I am Mulindwa Amos, 17 years,, a secondary school student at St Kalemba S S VIlla maria in Kalundu district. I am grateful for SCOU for finding for me a sponsor while i was at Sserinya Primary School. Without this i would not be in school. I am in S2 and very ambitious to become a mechanical engineer. Thank you my sponsor for i am seeing hope in my future.

mulindwa amos sponsored child
nalubega joan s3 sponsored child

My name is Nalubega Joan a born of Sserinya village. I am one of the pioneer pupils of Sserinya Primary School. I am happy that SCOU found for me a sponsor who pays my school fees and other items upto now when I am in senior three in St Kalemba S S VIlla Maria Baala. With the work of my sponsor, i am sure i shall become an accountant.

A big thank you to our sponsors. Sponsor more children in our community.




Sponsored children