Classroom Extension

After realizing the need of an expansion in the classrooms, one of the volunteers, Maria Taverez, mobilized funds to start the construction of a multipurpose classroom block. This was through Echo purpose and World for Positive Action (WOPA). Other volunteers (Amigos De Sserinya) have kept contributing to this cause. This project is still ongoing. Brick work and roofing are already done. An amount of US$7,970 is needed for its completion.

The uncompleted work on the block includes:

  1. Floor finishing,
  2. Doors and windows  installations
  3. Glass panes
  4. Plastering
  5. Painting.

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Children take on a lesson under a tree
The increasing enrolment in the school, and number of classes has rendered available space not enough. Volunteers have worked with SCOU to raise yet another classroom block, which is not yet complete

A group of pupils study under tree shades that we have in the compound. When it rains, they are either entered in another class and the two lessons have to be cancelled or are crammed on the verandas for them not to get wet. As this block is completed, many of them will be saved from this problem.

The little you have can give a conducive learning environment to these youngsters. Join the team of fundraisers, the friends of Sserinya (Amigos De Sserinya) to complete this block by donating  here

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