Fostering Imagination: A Magical Day at Sserinya Primary School

On a sun-kissed morning of Thursday 21st March 2024 in Sserinya, the air buzzed with anticipation. The children of Sserinya Primary School gathered in the courtyard, their eyes wide with wonder. Why? Because a magical visitor had arrived—a real-life enchantress named Kelly Brantner, the CEO of Business for Better Society, a charity committed to transforming lives through local charities.

Empowering Minds: Reading and Scholastic Materials

Kelly’s commitment to education shines through her consistent efforts. She has been a lifeline of knowledge for Sserinya Primary School. Through her tireless dedication, she mobilises and ensures that the school receives a steady supply of reading materials, textbooks, and scholastic resources. These materials open windows to new worlds for eager young minds. Kelly’s belief in the transformative power of education is unwavering.

Kelly doesn’t stop at providing physical resources—she invests in the people behind SCOU. Recognizing the importance of a cohesive team, she introduced team coaching classes for the staff. These sessions foster collaboration, communication, and shared vision. Under Kelly’s guidance, the teachers and administrators learn to work harmoniously, amplifying their impact on the students. The ripple effect of this teamwork extends far beyond the classroom walls.

Recently, Kelly took on a monumental task—the renovation and redeepening of the school borehole. Clean water is a fundamental right, and Kelly ensured that the children of Sserinya have access to it. With her support, the borehole now gushes forth cool, life-giving water. The laughter of children as they fill their cups is a testament to Kelly’s unwavering commitment to their well-being.

The Games That Sparked Joy

But that wasn’t all. Kelly had more tricks up her sleeve. She produced a bag filled with games—each one a portal to laughter, learning, and camaraderie.


Letters danced across the board, forming words both familiar and fantastical. Kelly encouraged them to dream big—to spell out “adventure,” “kindness,” and “imagination.” The tiles clicked, and new worlds unfolded.

Fostering imagination


The wooden blocks teetered and tottered, defying gravity. The children’s laughter echoed through the schoolyard as they built precarious towers. Balance, strategy, and teamwork—lessons learned one block at a time.

Snakes and Ladders

The ancient game of fate. Up the ladders they climbed, cheered by their peers. Down the serpentine coils they slid, giggling. Life’s ups and downs mirrored in a simple roll of the dice.

Fostering imagination


The children’s laughter echoes through the corridors as they enthusiastically play Uno, a game thoughtfully brought by the enchanting Kelly Brantner. The vibrant cards spark joy in each match.

Fostering imagination.

Foot ball

And that wasn’t all still, Kelly realized that the children were lacking one of the most prominent sports, that is loved by many across the globe and she bought two balls: one for the ‘big bosses’ (Six years and below), and another for the elders.

The Call for More Partners

As the sun dipped below the horizon, Kelly addressed the children. Her eyes sparkled with purpose.

“Dear friends,” she said, “these games and books are more than entertainment. They are keys to unlock your potential. But we need more keys. We need more partners—individuals, companies, and organizations willing to invest in education.”

And so, I echo Kelly’s call. Let us rally together, weave our magic, and create a brighter future for Sserinya:

  1. Sponsor a Student: Support a child’s education. Your contribution can change lives.
  2. Donate Books: Every book is a ticket to adventure. Share stories, ignite imaginations.
  3. Volunteer: Offer your time, skills, and passion. Be a mentor, a guide, a friend.

Together, we can turn the pages of possibility, chapter by chapter. Let’s write a story where every child’s dreams take flight, where knowledge blooms like wildflowers, and where magic is not just in books but in every heart.

Are you ready to be part of this enchanting journey? Contact us today. Let’s weave spells of hope together.

With gratitude,

The SCOU Community

Note: Kelly Brantner’s visit was a catalyst, but the magic continues. Let’s keep the flame alive. 🌟📚🌈

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