In a situation that one cannot meet or provide essential services for self, then external help is desired. Sserinya community needs help in Education by helping the primary school in any way possible; in agriculture by providing services and supplies in any way possible; water supply by funding a well or borehole of your choice; Environmental conservation by giving conservation tips and materials and personelle as may be deemed necessary; and helping the families that need help of various kinds like shelter, food, clothing, scholastic materials, child sponsorship, health services and supplies among others.

A big thumbs up to the very many people of God that have helped the community to the level where it is. Once the organisation staff comes back to you, please do not hezitate to help again. If you have not helped, please save a life in Sserinya and you help us enhance community development.

100% of your donation is put to its intended purpose.

Many ways you can donate to the community. You can physically deliver an item, send funds to the organisation for it to procure or accomplish a task, send an item by post office or even call one of the organisation staff to pick a donated item and deliver accordingly.

Please contact us on our address displayed here for more information.

Some of our donors prefer sending funds through the organisation account or using the electronic means of PayPal by filling our the form below. Others provide technical support of after volunteering to come to Uganda and Sserinya in particular, others doing internship at the organisation (Physical or online) or even a phone call or message giving advice on how an activity can be better done. You are all welcome.

Water from the community well in Bulungu

Your donation of an item, Money, advice or any kind is used for the purpose it is meant  for. Transparency is one of our core values; it is one of the reasons why we warmly welcome our donors to come on ground and see what their funds did or have to do. You can construct a bore hole to save the lives that are suffering from taking dirty water which is even shared with animals.

The community needs people who can help it improve. We are grateful to our friends that have so far helped in some areas. Many people need help in our community. Some elderly live in dilapidated houses that need a hand to improve them for them to have a better life. Children from such families have not had a chance to go to school. Such a child needs help right from home to school and a sponsor can choose what to do. Contact to the organization can help identify the most vulnerable and you are directly linked to the family or child or person.

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  • I love what you guys are doing there. The kids and your staff are also wonderful. I want to donate. PayPal or even submitting to your bank if PayPal is a challenge is ok.

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