Emergency Relief

Many disasters hit the country, and in particular Sserinya community. SCOU, in enhancing community development seeks means of overcoming the prevailing disasters in terms of reconstruction of structures, rehabilitation of community members, food provision among others. All this is done with help of both local and international volunteers, donors and friends of Sserinya.

Thankfully, all sectors are open and all people are allowed to go back to work. But the cost of living is increasing, and worse in our community. The friends of Sserinya have always raised resources, food and other items to donate to the community. Many families in the community still need food items like Maize flour, beans, rice, sugar, wheat flour, cooking oil; and  Sanitary items like soap, water and clothing.

Your donation can restore hope to a family in the community

Education / Child sponsorship

All children have a right to quality Education

Sserinya Primary School, located in Sserinya village, has a current enrolment of over 200 pupils, ages 5-16, both boys and girls from nursery to primary Seven. The school also admit physically challenged children.  A very well trained and dedicated team of 12 teachers and 3 support staff is available to ensure the formation of a whole self reliant citizen with quality Education.

It has been a challenge from the COVID19 lockdown, where a great percentage of children did not return to school for reasons of mainly lack of funds, being abandoned by parents, growing and marrying at tender ages, tired of walking long distances from the nearby villages for them to acquire quality primary education among others.

Many of the learners we accommodate hardly complete the stipulated school fees and many are in the community not attending school because they cannot afford fees. We seek child sponsorships from our friends to help the many children who are still in the villages to return to school. You can also be one and sponsor a child.

Many school projects need your support to form a whole citizen

Sponsor a child at SCOU

Clean water reservation

Clean water helps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Many water sources in our catchment area are dilapidated and need either Construction, Repair or even reconstruction. Some villages share the same water source with grazing animals, and this water is used for all domestic work. Some have boreholes but some have broken down and need repair.

SCOU has so far acquired two water tanks for rainwater harvesting which were installed at Sserinya Primary School plus boreholes in the community. SBP homes donated a borehole to the school to reduce the hours of learners fetching water which was also infectious to people. These water sources are shared by the community and school neighbors freely get clean water from school, in conjunction with BeginAnew Uganda. However many wells in our villages need construction or repair. Contact us for more information on these wells.

Community survival

The entire community has a right to live healthy

5 of every 60 children we meet in our community suffer from common illnesses like malaria, Common cold, measles, malnutrition, worm infections among others, yet others are marginalised.  SCOU together with community leaders, health officers, volunteers and other government authorities advocate for provision and regular supply basic needs like food, drugs basically for the most vulnerable families.

The organisation seeks medicines like dewormers, vaccines, vitamins and administers them through volunteer nurses or health workers; Food through the friends of the community to the families in need; sanitary towels for the girls, scholastic materials for the school going children both in primary and secondary.

All these items are however consumables, and need constant supply to the community. Your contribution can make an everlasting change to an individual in the community. Contact us on how you can help.

Your contribution can make a lasting change in one's life in Sserinya