Sserinya Primary School


Registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports in Uganda as Sserinya Primary School, we are committed to provide service to our children.

We are a community primary school that serves over 280 pupils. The school holds classes from as low as nursery approximately 4 to 6 years; lower primary from P1 to P4 and then upper primary P5 to P7.

The primary school was set up in 2009, with a primary goal of improving the education levels of in the community. By then a few classes were conducted under the first block, where as other learners studied under tree shades. This challenge is gradually solved, though not yet 100%. But with the support of friends from all over world, ‘Mpola Mpola’ we are moving forward to educate the community.

Teaching at Sserinya Primary school follows the Ugandan primary schools curriculum as designed by the National Curriculum Development Centre.

The school has a dedicated team of qualified teachers, who work together to  form a self reliant citizen. This is done through the many school and extra curricular activities that are carried out at school.

The school is in the heart of the community, and acts as a haven for many.

The income levels in our community are generally low, and this is a great factor that keeps many things in the community low! The Sserinya Community Organisation (SCOU) being the back bone of the primary school, has worked hand in hand with many friends of Sserinya from local community and leaders to international friends and donors to realize what is on ground.

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A big thank you to our parents, donors and volunteers. You make Sserinya what it is, and more to become.

The school now has reliable water sources, that is two water tanks and a bore hole. This has been achieved with the efforts of friends SCOU who donate the little they have, to make it happen.

Other friends set up solar to the school premises. The entire school has solar lights both in class and in the compound, Construction is on going and many other projects running in the school still need help from our friends both locally and internationally.

There are many friends of Sserinya who help to feed the children during school time, while teachers also need suppliments to their remunerations

Many of the children in our school and community can hardly afford the school fees for primary, secondary and even tertiary institutions. Many of the children are not able to go back to school after the lockdown. Some of these children need books, pens, pencils, uniforms, school fees, food among others. We implore you to help one or more children in the community by sponsoring him/her.

The school is gradually working on many programs, which include setting up and equipping the library with books. This is generously supported by the parents, Knowldege for Children, Business For Better Society, International book project and many friends and organizations. Your contribution is worth adding to this effort. As we collect books, a library structure is not yet in place. Your contribution is much needed for its construction.

For all the commitment we have, infrastructure remains a challenge. The classrooms we have cannot accommodate the 9 classes at a time.

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