Children really need additional support

An educated citizen has a different perspective when it comes to analyzing events and situations. It is incumbent of all parents or guardians to make sure that all children get the basic life necessities, like food, shelter, medication, Education among others.

Education institutions are in our localities, but far apart or distant from each other and some children can hardly walk long distances. The different challenges of life which include loss of parents and guardians, lack of permanent residences, loss of jobs, destruction of property by natural disasters among other challenges let some children suffer that most people do in their life time.

Sserinya Community Organization Uganda (SCOU) established a primary school in the names of Sserinya Primary School, with the aim of helping many children who have challenges regarding basic, primary and post primary education. A small fee is paid by the parents but many of them find it hard to pay the small school fees levied.


SCOU goes ahead to look out for various people who can help donate the little penny and other resources they have so as to keep the children in school. The little penny caters for school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms, shoes, clothing, and to some we go up to home to ensure a healthy life.

In April 2022, the SCOU team started team coaching classes with Ms Gabriella Marunova and Mr Juan Carlos Duran both JT Coaching Certification. One of the activities carried out was Sserinya team getting back to the community to find out reasons as to why many children are not at school and especially after the COVID 19 lockdown. Many reasons were found from of a survey of over 50 children that were reached out to.

Some children expressed abandonment by parents, lack of school fees, parents being sick and could not afford to pay any more, lack of school uniforms as many had grown, lack of scholastic materials like books, pens, sets among others. Many of the families visited also needed attention in terms of welfare.

financial requirements scou child

It is from here that SCOU seeks for any volunteers, or donors who can donate the little they have to help one or more  of the identified children with fees, shoes, scholastic materials or any other.


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