Triumphs of Dedication: Celebrating the international D.E.A.R. Day

Children reading books
Sserinya pupils reading books

It was a day of jubilation and literary discovery at Sserinya Primary School as we celebrated Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) Day, a special event dedicated to fostering a love for reading among our students. Each child received a book, a gateway to new worlds and ideas, and the excitement was palpable throughout the school grounds.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Parents and Teachers

We extend our deepest gratitude to the parents and teachers who demonstrated the magic of reading to our children. Your guidance and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of this event’s success. Watching you sit with the children, turning pages and exploring stories together, was a heartwarming sight. Your commitment to showing our young learners the wonders that books hold is truly commendable.

Gratitude for Our Generous Supporters

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the charities and organizations, including Business Better Society and Knowledge for Children, for their generous contributions of reading materials. Your support has been instrumental in making DEAR Day a memorable experience for every child at Sserinya Primary School. The books you provided are not just tools for learning; they are seeds that will grow into a lifelong passion for reading.

A Day to Remember

Reading books

DEAR Day was more than just an event; it was a celebration of knowledge, imagination, and the boundless potential of our students. As we closed the day, the smiles on the children’s faces were a testament to the joy and curiosity that reading can inspire. We look forward to nurturing this spark and watching it flourish into a roaring flame of knowledge and creativity.

Join Us in Our Journey

We invite everyone to join us in our journey to empower the children of Sserinya through education. Your support, whether through book donations, volunteering, or spreading the word, makes a significant difference in the lives of these bright young minds. Together, we can ensure that the love for reading and learning continues to grow within our community.

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